About Us

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At the Winchester School each child experiences:

  • the companionship of other children
  • the nurturing of the teachers, and
  • the excitement of expanding his world through learning.

Winchester School's Mission

At Winchester School we are dedicated to preparing our students to embrace the life-long path of learning in a safe and loving environment which is an extension of their own families of origin.

We offer children an environment where they can feel safe, respected, and loved and in which they acquire the skills, knowledge, values, and traditions, that will help them grow into successful adults.

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Winchester School's Values

Winchester School's children step into an environment where they are able to feel safe, respected, and loved; an environment where they start a life-long learning process of skills, knowledge, values and traditions, which is an integral part of what has already started in their own families.

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Winchester School's History

Winchester School was founded in 1970 to teach pre-kindergarten through first grade children; it was subsequently extended to second grade. For a number of years Winchester School had two locations, one in Bethesda and the other in Silver Spring. After renting space from churches, it was exciting to find a permanent home at 3223 Bel Pre Road in Silver Spring in 1980.


Winchester School's Diversity

We are very proud to be able to confirm that our student body and teaching staff are highly diverse by race, ethnicity, and by cultural and religious backgrounds.

At Winchester School we maintain, create, and promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness, understanding, appreciation, and respect for all members of the Human Family.