Winchester School's Families

Here is what some of our students and parents say about us....

"In Winchester School, we found a new home for our daughter; from day one of her Summer Camp experience in 2010, she loved her new school! We could not be happier to have found this great school so close to our home - since then we moved but… not our school! Thank you Winchester School!" ~ Rich P. 2014

 Rich P. 2014

 Janet 2014

“I like learning [at Winchester] because there are nice teachers. My favorite class is science because it’s fun. Ms. Melissa (science teacher) made a volcano.” ~ Janet, former student
"I love Winchester School because we get candy for Halloween! " - Massimo, Kindergartener

Massimo 2014


Sadie 2013

I love Winchester School because...

"the Winchester staff gives my child exactly what she needs instead of expecting her to fit into some pre-conceived plan. She loves Winchester because she will get to be Miss Tiffany's helper at the book fair this year." ~ Sarah R.,  Mom of Sadie 2nd grader

“Both of our children have been so happy at Winchester School it is unbelievable! The caring and structured environment has done wonders to help our children grow and learn to love learning! Winchester School’s educational tradition is enviable; we wish more schools could be inspired…” ~ Carlotta A. 2014

Carlotta A. 2014