The Winchester School classes value our individual students and consider diversity, hands-on experiences, play-time, and family participation as central to our students' learning experience.

Our educational model is divised to offer our children a coherent and cumulative learning program that will provide them with solid foundations in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Spanish, Art and Music, and, yes, even Physical Education.

Play-time, hands-on experiences, field trips, and family participation complement our educational model.

Pre-K3 Program

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At Winchester School, children in the Pre-K3 program follow an age and developmentally appropriate program under the guidance of a lead teacher in their homeroom. Our younger students benefit from the stability and routines that their lead teacher creates with them which help them feel safe and be active participants of their learning experience.

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Pre-K4 Program

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Our Pre-K4 children are the first group of our students to rotate through our six-learning centers in six different rooms, with six different teachers.

  • How wonderful it is to be all-grown up and independent!

  • How many things there are to learn!

  • How wonderful it is to discover the beauty and complexity of our world!

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The kindergarten years are a time when our students really can demonstrate visible progress and significant learning leaps.  Students reach the cognitive development needed to really progress in language arts and reading. During this key year, our students are led to develop a stronger comprehension of the relationship between letters and words, and between words and sentences - key aspects that ensure their independent ability to read.

In mathematics, our kindergarteners start learning about numbers and the relations that exist between them. Shapes, patterns and relations between objects are key concepts that are used to start developing the ground concepts needed to progress in mathematics.

Positive reinforcements are used to encourage this very delicate developmental stage for our children. Our families are encouraged to support our efforts in school through independent initiatives, as well as through ad hoc learning projects throughout the year.

Our kindergarteners rotate through their classes between 8:45 am and 3 pm. Their days may be extended in the morning and the afternoon if they particiapte in our before and after care programs or the extra activities that may be organized throughout the year at the school.

PreK 4 through 2nd Grade

The Early Elementary School years are among the most important; they lay the foundation for our children's learning.

At the Winchester School, we follow the Core Knowledge Curriculum to prepare our students. This approach focuses on a sound core of knowledge in all our subject areas and ensures that students are ready to move on to the higher grades with solid foundations in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music and art.

Reading comprehension is one of the primary focuses we work on, as it is central to support the development of learning and understanding in all other areas. Writing, number sense, creativity, social and physical development are sustained in a progressive manner, making sure that our students progress is coherent, cumulative, and content specific.

Our families are involved in their children's learning. Teachers, students and families work together to build a personal relationship which supports and complements the children's learning. Shared experiences, direct participation in school activities and easy access to teachers and the school all favor the creation of a strong and complementary learning envrionment where all involved win.

Our First Graders move on to Second Grade - and beyond! - with solid foundations and ready to embrace greater challenges ahead.