Owl Eyes

The kindergarten years are a time when our students really can demonstrate visible progress and significant learning leaps.  Students reach the cognitive  development needed to really progress in language arts and reading. During this key year, our students are led to develop a stronger comprehension of the relationship between letters and words, and between words and sentences - key aspects that ensure their independent ability to read.

In mathematics our kindergarteners start learning about numbers and the relations that exist between them. Shapes, patterns, and relations between objects are key concepts that are used to start developing the ground concepts needed to progress in mathematics.

Positive reinforcements are used to encourage this very delicate developmental stage for our children.Our families are encouraged to support our efforts in school through independent initiatives as well as through ad hoc learning projects they are asked to support their students to complete throughout the year.

Our kindergarteners rotate through their classes between 8:45 am and 3 pm. Their days may be extended in the morning and the afternoon if they particiapte in our before and after care programs or the extra activities that may be organized throughout the year at the school.