Pre-K3 Program

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At Winchester School, children in the Pre-K3 program follow an age and developmentally appropriate program under the guidance of a lead teacher in their homeroom. Our younger students benefit from the stability and routines that their lead teacher creates with them which help them feel safe and be active participants of their learning experience.

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Our Pre-K3 students' school-day starts at 8:45 am with circle time and lasts through noon. Following lunch, our youngest students have quiet time during which they have a chance to recharge and relax. Pre-K3s school day ends at 3 pm with circle time unless they stay for after-school care. The formal learning portion of the program is complemented by the social learning that continues through lunch and during circle time, field trips, and special events, when all of our students experience activities as one family.

Our Pre-K3 children learn primarily through hands-on activities that enhance their problem solving skills and their understanding of the world around them. Work focuses on activities dedicated to help our youngest students learn their numbers, letters, colors, and shapes; improve their motor skills; reinforce their social skills; and generally appreciate stories, songs, games, art and crafts, science, and physical activity.

Throughout the school-year the lead teacher specifically works with the students to build strong phonic awareness and comprehension of the relationship between letters and sounds which is the foundation to learn how to read and to build number recognition and understanding which is essential to become math-literate later in time.