Pre-K4 Program

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Our Pre-K4 children are the first group of our students to rotate through our six-learning centers in six different rooms, with six different teachers.

  • How wonderful it is to be all-grown up and independent!

  • How many things there are to learn!

  • How wonderful it is to discover the beauty and complexity of our world!

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Our Pre-K4 students start a more formal preparation for kindergarten. Sustaining our students social, personal and emotional development is still our strong priority for our four-year-old group. Our program is organized to enhance and help their early literacy, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Hands-on learning is still a very important part of our Pre-K4 program. Yet, this group of students is the first to start to acquire, more formally, skills in oral language, early literacy, math, science, social studies, music and art by actively participating in their thematic teachers' lessons in the learning centers our school is organized around.

Serious play time complements formal lessons to foster independent and creative thinking and learning. Students participate in small-group lessons as well as whole-group activities to help them gain understanding and awareness of themselves and their role in groups and start bringing home weekly homework assignments to help review and support their continuous learning.

Pre-K4's school-day is a bit demanding for our four-year-olds because they lose nap time after lunch. The few who need more sleep are accommodated. However, after a short transition, most students adjust without great difficulty. Their school-day starts at 8:45 am at circle time and continues through 3 pm when they join all of their other friends in circle time. Their day may be extended up to 6 pm if they join our after-school-care activities.

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