Winchester School's Core

Make the difference         At the Winchester School, we have developed our academic program with five priorities in mind:

Intellectual  Development

Our instructional program revolves around eight basic categories: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, art, music and physical education. In each of these areas, we teach a sequentially organized curriculum which is age-appropriate. Our main objective is to encourage and challenge our children along an individual learning path which will serve as a foundation for the intellectual growth of each child.

Social  Development

At Winchester, we strive to create a social environment which is an accepting, warm and comfortable place for children from diverse backgrounds to be a part of. Our objective is to help children accept and respect the differences in people, learn to share with others, form happy friendships with one another and generally develop an awareness of what it means to be a positive member of a group.

Emotional  Development

For learning to be optimum, the emotional climate of a school must be right. At Winchester, we have caring and loving teachers who set the proper emotional tone in the school and we are dedicated to teach our children to respond in an emotionally healthy and positive way to all situations. By being good role models and by believing that emotional responses can be modified and/or learned, we create a good emotional atmosphere for our students within the school.



Physical  Development

Our objective at Winchester is to provide time, space and a program which recognizes the importance of physical activity in keeping the body and the mind of a child healthy. We realize the necessity of providing children with the time to free-play with each other and also to have a planned program of physical education in which certain age-appropriate activities and skills are involved. Our aim is to keep bodies and minds healthy insofar as physical activity contributes to that end.

Spiritual, Moral and Ethical Development

Although we believe specific religious teachings and doctrine belong only in schools which are admittedly church-related, we strongly believe in the need to impart spiritual, moral and ethical truths by both example and by teaching. The great religions and cultures of the world have many moral and ethical principles in common and we feel it is part of what Winchester stands for to impart these truths to the children in an unbiased fashion.

We will always teach children to be truthful, to share with others, to be compassionate, to be generous and to be loving. These are just some of the enduring principles of all civilized societies we believe a school should participate in teaching.