Winchester School's Field Trips

What school would we be if we did not organize fields trips which are either fun and educational?

A list of Field Trips is handed out to parents at the beginning of the school year, usually in October.

All trips are organized with our families' support therefore parents are required to participate ~ after all it is the joint collaboration of families and teachers that make our children's learning experiences special and lasting!

Students are required to wear their Winchester School T-Shirt on field trip days; parents can show their school spirit too on these special days!  ~ T-Shirts are available for purchase at the school.

The year culminates with our very own Field Day where only selected parents are invited to help out and join the school to eat pizza and ice cream! It's a special day of play and fun!


Winchester School's Graduation

Children completing second grade participate in a graduation ceremony held to honor their achievements and successful completion of their time with us.

It is a very exciting and bitter-sweet time for all of us at the Winchester School. Our students will leave us to branch out in private and public schools in the area and we will miss them terribly, even though we are confident that they will remember us!

The small ceremony usually involves only the families of the students moving onto third grade and it takes place either at the school or in a nearby location in June every year. The students prepare very diligently for this big day, not only during the school year but also by developing a special creative project to share with their families. It is a grand celebration!

Winchester School's Parties

We know how to party!

Throughout the year we have many events that we celebrate to enrich our students' experiences and to shake up our routines and have some fun! Here are just a few examples, in no particular order:

  • Birthdays
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter Holiday Break
  • Spring Break
  • Valentine's Day
  • End of school

Our families are involved in our events, either through their culinary contributions - which always help make the parties special! - or through their presence and organizational help. Sign up sheets are put up in the main hallway and families are free to choose how to best participate in making these events special, but yes, we do count on our families help!


Winchester School's International Dinner

International Dinner deserves a special mention... 

It is the highlight of our celebrations together.

International Dinner is the yearly event which sees all of The Winchester Family ~ teachers, children, and their families ~ come together for an evening of sharing and entertainment.

Taking place in a specifically selected location, we come together to celebrate our many different backgrounds for an evening of sharing food and traditions, which is opened by a special performance by our students. Families and children are encouraged to wear traditional outfits and share their country of origin's traditions.

It's a great way to start getting to know each other as a new school year begins!


Birthdays at Winchester School

Birthdays are celebrated at Winchester School! ~ Yes! They are a Big Deal for all of us!

Parents are encouraged to bring a snack such as cupcakes or cookies or...  for their children to share with their snack buddies at school! - Note that parents should coordinate snacks with the school.

We get to wear a birthday hat and feel special all day long! We cherish the attention!

Real birthday parties are reserved for out of school; our families are kindly requested to organize their events privately and not to use the school cubicles to exchange invitations or other... Our students are very smart and pick quickly up when there are events being organized. - No one likes not to be invited and involved in a special event, so we ask our families to keep that in mind when they make special arrangements to celebrate their children's birthdays. 



We honor every birthday!