Winchester School's Field Trips

At Winchester, learning does not just occur in the classroom. Through an array of trips or events that we host throughout the year, children gain broad exposure to theatre, art, music, science and other cultures. These experiences stimulate their mind and provide a backdrop for them to draw upon that is the basis for an educated mind and diverse thought.

Trips that we have taken in the past or events that we have hosted include the Air and Space Museum, Museum of Natural History, National Zoo, National Gallery of Art, Toby's Youth Theatre, Butler's Orchard, the local firestation, Strathmore to see Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Bill Jenkins World of Music, a Native American storyteller, Reptile Wonders and Incredible Insects to name just a few.

A list of field trips is provided to parents once plans have been finalized.

All trips are organized with our families' support in mind and parent participation is vital to the success of these programs. 

Students are required to wear their Winchester School t-shirt on field trips as this helps easily idenitify and organize the group.

The year culminates with our very own "Field Day" where parents are encouraged to join in this special day of play and fun for the children!