Winchester School's Program

The Winchester School has a distinctively different organizational class set-up: namely, a rotational system through six centers, in different rooms, with different teachers.

All of our students, except for children in the Pre-K3 program who follow an age and developmentally appropriate program under the guidance of a lead teacher in their own room, rotate through different learning centers throughout the school day.

The learning centers include:

  • language arts
  • mathematics
  • science and social studies
  • Spanish
  • art and music
  • physical education and outdoor play

Ms Melissa's Class



We strongly feel that this is an effective organization of the teaching program which works to the benefit of the children.

Each center is in a different room with its own teacher and its own topic-specific material, including books and age-appropriate play materials.

Daily, the children are presented with academic lessons in each learning center; they may socialize quietly, look at books, or choose quiet play materials at the end of the class period.


This combination of serious work and relaxing play, which creates an invigorating and satisfying environment for young children, fulfills our philosophical belief that a proper balance of work and play is absolutely essential for the health and happiness of young children.

There are many advantages to the six-center rotation set up including:

  • the school can hire teachers who love their specific subject and are experts in their subject and how to teach it
  • the children have added variety to their school-day going from room to room, from teacher to teacher and from subject to subject, all of which help them keep their interest higher and learn better
  • parents benefit by having six experienced, college-degreed teachers share with them how each one views their child


Art and Music Class