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Our Summer Program

Summers at Winchester School? Absolutely!

Winchester School has a nine-week summer play program that begins the Monday after the traditional school-year ends and continues through the middle of August.

On a weekly basis, our families can take advantage of the proven Winchester organization, love and care and enjoy the school and its grounds.

Students have fun with arts and crafts, music, story time and even some science and social studies projects organized around weekly themes. Bathing suits, sun screen, hats and towels are a must once summer settles in and field trips are a special additional treat we enjoy together throughout the summer.

Our summer days start as early as 7:30 am and run all the way to 6:00 pm. We reinforce a healthy routine which starts with circle time and continues with many different activities which range from coloring to excercising, to reading and creating summer memories to share with friends and family.

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We usually have little energy left by the end of the day! But, isn't that how it is supposed to be? Playing is hard work after all!